There is nothing that will impress your readers more than a perfectly formatted document that is well written. Creating documents like this however, takes considerable time and effort. To start from a blank page, sheet or presentation, a large chunk of your time will go towards deciding which colour background to use, which columns to add to your Excel sheet or how you will set up the print margins for a company letter head in Word.

Fortunately, templates and examples are freely available that will make the task at hand a lot easier (if you know where to look). Below you will find our collection of FREE Microsoft Word, Excel , Powerpoint and OneNote templates to simplify your life.


Microsoft Word Templates


Features day to day templates people will find useful, from letters, letterheads, quotes and more. Perfectly formatted and most importantly easy to edit, quality templates that would have taken hours and hours to create. All free and downloadable!


Hloom – Thousand upon thousands of examples and templates specifically created for Microsoft Word with over 8 million downloads to date.  Categories include:



Microsoft Excel Templates


We all know how long it can take to set up the SUM functions, Pivot Tables and layouts in Excel. We’ve found some fantastic templates from a variety of websites but the sources mentioned below REALLY saved us a lot of time!




http://www.rickgrantham.com/excel-resources/templates/ (Best)




Microsoft PowerPoint Templates


PowerPoint is one of the tools we use the most at Kumalogreen. Everyday we present our short courses, using hundreds of slides that are meticulously planned, to individuals who are looking to grow their careers. While we create most of our templates ourselves, we often reference the sources below :






Microsoft OneNote Templates


These templates make it easy to keep track of assignments, to dos, appointments and more. Colourful, organized and easy to use templates perfect for project management. Editable on multiple devices making it convenient.



We hope that you enjoyed our collection of Office templates and remember to share! You might just save someone hundreds of hours!


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