Learning Services

Skills Development Consultation

  • Review of existing skills planning processes and requirements
  • Development of a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP).
  • Compile an Annual Training Report (ATR).
  • Manage the achievement of the workplace skills plans through the training we offer
  • Levy claims according to the Seta’s grant disbursement system
  • Analysis of the skills programmes, the effectiveness, time frames, the commitment, etc
  • Planning of training necessary to further & or continuously, professionally develop your staff.


The best way to gauge how much a delegate has learned in the training, is to assess them after the course. At Kumalogreen we have accredited and constituently registered assessors who have developed our assessment tools. We offer two types of assessment:

  • Work based assessments:
    Delegates receive a work related assignment to complete after the training, where their newly learned skills will need to be applied. Assignments are marked by the trainer and delegates receive an individual feedback report. Delegates receive a certificate of attendance.
  • SETA assessments:
    Many of our courses are SETA accredited and are aligned to unit standards, unit standards hold a number of credits. Qualifications are made up of unit standards. Learners are able to complete a portfolio of evidence at the end of the course and earn NQF credits. This assessment is useful for those studying towards the qualification that the unit standard forms part of. Delegates will receive a certificate showing credits earned, once deemed competent.

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