Effective English Communication in the Workplace - Spoken and Written Skills

On-Site Training for a Minimum of 4 Delegates

Quickly improve the documents you write and your verbal communication skills with our tips on grammar, punctuation, pronunciation and sentence construction.…

Making mistakes in your spelling and grammar, such as using ‘they’re’ instead of ‘their’, cause people to doubt the content of your document. Focusing on the written component; our expert trainer will guide and coach you, so that you become aware of your mistakes and learn how to correct them. The course covers a wide range of business documents including reports, e-mails, letters, and proposals.  You will be given practical techniques and skills that, when implemented, will make a real difference to the documents you write. Ultimately, this course will help you to write more confidently and clearly.

The verbal component will reduce the amount of miscommunication due to unclear speech which results in misunderstanding among customers and co-workers, time consuming repetitions and mistaken messages. At this course, delegates will identify the key changes to make in order to build their self-confidence and improve their communication skills. The course will help learners speak English more clearly and coherently, whether face-to-face or over the phone. It provides an excellent guide on how to cope with the various challenges that second language English speakers face, on a daily basis.

Who should attend?

Suitable for all levels of staff in the organisation who would like to improve the quality of the business documents they write. Also great as a refresher course and for those who would like to clarify the rules of grammar, punctuation and sentence construction. This course is particularly helpful for those who don’t speak English as a first language.

At the course, you will learn:

  • The benefits of planning your writing
  • Tips to avoid common errors and grammar mistakes that impact on your professional image
  • The tricks to building effective sentences and paragraphs through the use of punctuation
  • How to produce documents which are clear, effective and professional
  • Why writing for a specific readership and for different circumstances is important
  • How to analyse and edit your own documents
  • Correct pronunciation and techniques to neutralise your accent
  • About common errors that 2nd language speakers make and how to correct them
  • Which vowels and consonants 2nd language speakers have a problem with
  • Ways in which body language can improve your communication
  • How to modulate your voice, and articulate clearly for maximum impact

Course Duration: 4 Days
Course Times: 08:30 – 16:30 daily

Course outline:

  • Preparation & Planing
  • Grammar and Sentence Construction
  • Punctuation Made Easy
  • Standards in Business Writing today
  • Brief Overview of Report Writing
  • Editing – The final Stage
  • Voice
  • Pronunciation
  • Common Grammar Errors Spoken in English
  • Ways to Improve Your Comprehension Skills and Vocabulary
  • Building Your Confidence
  • Communicating and Presenting a Positive Image
  • Watching Yourself in Action
  • Tips and Techniques for Continued Self-Correction

What is included?

  • Practical exercises, discussion and one-to-one feedback from the course facilitator
  • A brilliant trainer who is a subject matter expert
  • A comprehensive learner guide packed with practical tips
  • Post course support to assist you in implementing what you have learned
  • Certificate of attendance which you will receive at the course

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